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SmartCon can be deployed to handle all the processes involved in planning your conference, from participant registrations, online or bank payments, generating receipts, submitting abstracts, booking hotels, name tag generation, participants check-in on arrival and summary reports. Organizing a conference can be stress free.

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The Smartest Tool For Conference Planners

Your conference is still going to host at a physical location, but SMARTCON makes life easier for both you and your participants. We have included almost everything we think you will need, and we can add more if you wish. It works well with Academic, Professional and General Conferences - as long as you need participants to register before coming. Here are some of the modules and functions it comes with.

Conference Website

An information website containing all information about your conference: dates, venue, speakers, theme, schedule, guidelines for abstracts, sponsorship details and answers any questions someone may need to ask about your conference.

Online Registration & Payment

Flexible, Easy and Robust Online Registration. Allows different categories of participants, timelines (Early Bird, Regular, Late) and different prices. Sends instant notification to participants by Email & SMS.

Easy Payments & Notifications

Participants can pay for the conference online or via Bank. Online payments are instant while you have a one click confirmation for bank payments from your dashboards. Receipts are automatically sent to participants once they pay.

Submission of Abstracts

Participants can upload abstracts of proposed papers. Reviewers are notified and can review the submissions to either accept or reject them. Whatever decision the reviewer takes, the system will send an automatic response to the submitter.

Exhibition & Sponsorship Requests

Companies and organizations who wish to request for sponsorship, advert or exhibition offers can do so through the system. Details of available offers and their prices Can be added and modified from the Admin Dashboard.

Hotel Booking

With an inbuilt hotel booking portal where you can input names and prices of hotels your conference has made arrangements with, bookings and payments can be done via the system. You get a list of all bookings on your dashboard. Doesn't integrate with hotel booking systems yet.

Conference Admin Dashboard

As an administrator, you have a dashboard that captures all the details and summaries of your conference. At a glance, you can see who is coming, how much has been generated and you can manage every aspect of the conference like payment confirmations and more.

Participants on a Map

For Nigeria alone, you can see a map of the country and the number of participants registered from each state. It's easy to see where your participants are coming from and you can know where to focus your conference marketing.

Name Tag & Badge Printing

Using data of participants, the system can generate automatic name tags and conference badges and export to PDF. All you need to do is send the file to your printer and your badges are ready within hours. Saves you the hassle of manually writing nametags.

Multiple Admin Roles

Because different people have differnet roles in planning conferences, we have created admin access with these different roles e.g. Abstract Reviewer, Hotel Manager, General Admin etc. These admins can only perform functions related to their roles.

Finance Audit Trail

If you have multile administrators who verify payments or register people, the system keeps track of all their financial transactions and gives you a summary of how much they have processed and how much they have remitted. Nobody can steal your conference money.

Check-In Management

As participants arrive for the conference, you have a simple and fast check-in page which ensures that queues and delays are eliminated at the arrival desk. From the check-in page, you can confirm pending payments and keep a count of attendees.

Explore What's Inside

There are different interfaces to Smartcon depending on the role of the user. Participants, Administrators and other members with different roles on the planning team will experience smartcon differently.

Participants Experience

Apart from very responsive forms for registration, abstract submissions or sponsorship requests, each registered user has a personal dashboard from which they can modify their registration details, book or modify hotel.

Your participants will find the application very friendly to use and easy to navigate, and they will feel totally in control of every step of the registration process.

Administrative Summaries

At a glance, an administrator can answer all the key questions required during planning meetings, questions like: How many persons have registered? How many hotels have been booked? How much has been paid so far? Where are the participants from?

Things the typically require digging through piles of information is now readily available to you at a glance.

Operations Beyond the Overview

Beyond just seeing summaries, administrators can perform multiple functions such as: confirming payments, managing and verifying hotel bookings, communicating with registered participants (through emails and SMS) both individually and in bulk, reviewing and approving abstract submissions, generating name tags and much much more.

The whole idea of developing SmartCon is to put you in total control of your conference on the go from wherever you are.

And it is Very Affordable

All the superpowers of SmartCon will be available to you for a very affordable fee. The fee depends on how you want to use the application.

Single Use

Host just one conference
  • - Domain Hosting Website SmartCon Support
  • - Depending on Conference Size & Duration of Support
  • Between $1,000 - $2,500

Yearly Use

Run a conference yearly
  • - Deploy permanently into your website
  • - Full ownership (with optional renewable yearly support)
  • $3,000 Yearly Support


For Developers
  • - Deploy for your clients
  • - Technical support per installation or deployment
  • 2348077544056 (Call or Whatsapp)

Are your needs unique or peculiar? We can negotiate our prices.

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